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Why CrossFitters Need Deep Tissue Massage

IMG_5953Deep Tissue Massage

by Daphne Hofman, LMT

Massage is great for people who do CrossFit because it helps alleviate muscle tension and soreness from the extra strain put on the muscles during the extensive training. Massage helps to release toxins from the muscles that may be causing soreness. Massage gets blood flow going to the tissues which will help with recovery of sore, tired or injured muscles.

Deep tissue massage helps to relax and ease the deeper underlying tissues that can be affected by the workouts involved with CrossFit. The clients I have seen that do CrossFit prefer the deep tissue massage because it gets to the deeper affected muscles but also the more superficial muscles as well since the massage begins with the more superficial layers of tissue.

Stretching during and after massage is also important just as it is before and after every workout. Stretching after a massage will help replace the released toxins with oxygen to help the process of relieving any pain and soreness. Drinking lots of water after a massage is also important because it is going to help flush the toxins released from the tissue out of your system. It is very important to stretch and drink a lot of water after every massage.

Yours In Health – Daphne