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Unleash the Zen of Childhood With Chiropractic Care in Springfield, IL

Anyone with children knows that those little munchkins are like tiny tornadoes. Their energy knows no bounds. On the one hand, it’s the best reminder that life is short and meant to be enjoyed. On the other, it’s exhausting, depleting, and sometimes leaves us feeling like we no longer exist on this plane of reality.

As a chiropractor for kids in Springfield, IL, I know the secret recipe for tapping into their zen mode, whether to manage their energy, help them focus, or bring the hormonal swings of puberty into balance.


(We do not condone this circus worker’s adjustment style, but she clearly gets it.)

Yes, chiropractic care has incredible effects on the behavior and mood of all children, from newborns to 50-year-old dads in the throes of a mid-life crisis.

What’s the Big Deal with Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care is all about managing our nervous system – our body’s electrical grid that makes everything work. And I mean everything. Our nervous system controls:



I wasn’t lying. Every neuron firing, every muscle twitching, every cell multiplying, every breath, every beat, every thought, it’s all thanks to our nervous system. Without it, we’d be like lost puppies, bumping into walls and mumbling nonsense.


Is that what we want to be like? I mean, he is really cute…

Imagine a child’s growing body, navigating life like an absolute champ, but there’s one little glitch – misalignments in their spine. We call these subluxations, and they can wreak havoc on the whole system.


Subluxations can be present in kids as early as birth. It’s a bit of a bumpy ride for everyone involved; just imagine what it’s like for the tiniest humans. Childhood in general is a bumpy ride, getting acclimated to life, relationships, walking, talking, riding bikes, crypto, climbing trees, playing youth sports, bouncy castles, slip and slides, water slides, regular slides, monkey bars – it can feel a bit like:


Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Kids

Let’s get real for a moment. Raising kids can feel like one epic battle, with its fair share of landmines! And without Princess Diana, parents need an airlift rescue, and they’re turning to chiropractors to give their kids the gift of natural healthcare that optimizes their bodies to:

Maximize Neural Plasticity and Brain Development

Kiddos’ brains are like sponges, soaking up everything in sight. Chiropractic adjustments can boost neural plasticity, aiding in brain development. Translation? Your child’s IQ and EQ will make you the envy of every member of the PTA.

Reduce Asthma to Breathe Easier

Chiropractic care helps with our lungs too! What can’t it do?! Adjustments release pressure on nerves linked to the bronchial tubes and lungs, helping kids breathe easier and reduce asthma. It’s a breath of fresh air for everyone!

Say Adios to Common Childhood Illnesses

We all know kids have their fair share of sniffles and sneezes. Chiropractic care can help reduce the frequency of those pesky childhood illnesses by improving their overall body function.

Vanquish the Risk of Injury

Kids and boo-boos go together like PB&J. Chiropractic care can help fortify the connection between their brain and body, reducing the risk of injuries as they explore the world around them.

Breastfeed in Bliss

For some moms and babies, breastfeeding is not always smooth sailing. Chiropractic care can ease discomfort for both mom and baby, making those precious feeding moments a little slice of heaven.

Rock Perfect Posture

Never say “sit up straight” again! Chiropractic adjustments help correct postural imbalances, setting them up for a lifetime of graceful movement and confidence.

Eliminate Bed-Wetting Blues

Say goodbye to soggy bedsheets! Addressing nervous system function and supports better bladder control.

Make Happy Tummies And Happy Kids

Digestive problems, begone! Chiropractic adjustments can alleviate discomfort in your child’s digestive system, relieving reflux and constipation…sometimes instantly.


If the list stopped there, it would be enough. Imagine the childhood kids can have these days with the help of chiropractic. Imagine the life their parents can have…

But the list of benefits doesn’t stop there! Chiropractic care can also have a powerful effect on children’s mental and emotional well-being. Kids deal with tricky environments all the time, and it can impact their behavior. They’re brand new, and it can be challenging for them to process their emotions. Heck, it’s hard for adults to process their emotions sometimes.


Kids may lash out at family and friends if they struggle in school, face bullying, or can’t process a tricky situation.

There are health conditions that can contribute to behavioral issues too. Kids with ADHD might have trouble focusing, be hyperactive, or act impulsively. And if they’ve got autism or ASD, their social, sensory, and communication skills might need some extra help.

Those spinal nerves are like the superheroes of communication between the brain and the rest of the body. But spinal injuries or misalignments can mess with the central nervous system, and just like the physical effects of a subluxation, behavior and emotional processes can suffer.

Correcting subluxations by realigning the spine can be a game-changer for kids with ADHD, autism, and mental health issues. Chiropractic adjustments ease stress throughout the body and improve brain processing for kids with sensory issues.


Chiropractic care isn’t a magical cure for mental health conditions. But often, when children exhibit behavioral issues, their parents are encouraged to manage the situation with medication.


Medication comes with many risks and is only a short-term solution. No parent wants to subject their child’s still developing body to the long-term side effects of medication for short-term relief of the problem.

Behavior problems in kids are frequently connected with impulse control and activity functioning in the brain, where subluxations interfere with communication between a child’s nervous system and the rest of their body. It looks something like this:


At the Springfield Wellness Center, we tailor treatment to each patient, correcting subluxations with specific chiropractic adjustments to improve the function of impulse control and reasoning in the brain and support healthy growth and development.

This natural, holistic approach to pediatric healthcare can revolutionize a child’s life, and a parent’s for that matter, to achieve:

Focus and Emotional Zen

In those moments when a child’s attention span feels shorter than a TikTok video, chiropractic care can work wonders! Behavioral challenges in children often manifest as difficulties with focus and concentration. These issues can hinder a child’s ability to learn and engage with their surroundings, whether in school or during playtime. Sensory processing can improve through chiropractic adjustments, helping children better process and interpret stimuli. As a result, they can develop enhanced focus and concentration, leading to improved behavior in various settings.

A Stronger Immune System for Healthier Emotional Expression

Kids are little germ and accident magnets. Chronic illness or pain would make anyone a nightmare to be around. Children, like adults, can sometimes struggle to express their emotions effectively, leading to frustration and disruptive behavior. Chiropractic care can help address underlying physical discomfort contributing to emotional imbalances. Children are more likely to experience emotional stability by ensuring optimal nervous system function, leading to healthier ways of expressing their feelings and emotions.

Sweet Dreams with Better Sleep

A well-rested child equals a well-rested adult. When adults get tired, they can be nightmares, and they have fully developed brains and experience regulating their emotions. Or so they claim. So just imagine how an immature being would handle chronic fatigue. Chiropractic adjustments reduce muscle tension, helping little ones easily drift into dreamland, waking up refreshed, receptive, and ready to party!

A Reprieve From ADHD

Some may doubt it, but studies suggest that chiropractic care can positively impact kids with ADHD. Chiropractic adjustments can help relieve symptoms like hyperactivity and difficulty concentrating by easing stress and tension in the nervous system.


Whether a child is dealing with a diagnosed behavioral issue or can’t shake being a moody little brat, let’s give our kids the gift of well-being, the power to thrive, and the freedom to be their unapologetically awesome selves. Call us or schedule a time to meet with one of our amazing doctors. We can all raise those juice boxes to chiropractic care – the secret weapon for a happier, healthier, and more zen-filled childhood!

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