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Super Fast SI Joint Pain Relief in Springfield, IL

Super Fast SI Joint Pain Relief | Chiropractor for SI Joint Pain in Springfield, IL

Hey everybody, this is Dr. Pat from the Springfield Wellness Center. And today we’re going to be talking about SI joint pain otherwise known as sacroiliac pain.

The SI joint is joint where the sacrum, which is at the bottom of the spine meets the ilium, which is a bone in the pelvis, and it forms a large joint down there in the lower back area. And that just plays an important role in force transmission, how our body transmits force throughout the body with certain movements. So for example, every time you take a step, your foot strikes the ground, the force of your upper body goes through that SI joint, into the foot down to the ground, and then it comes back through there. So that is a lot of stress on that joint. So it needs to be a big strong joint to with be able to withstand that over the course of a lifetime of movement. And so one of the things for SI joint pain that happens is inflammation.

In our office, one of the ways we combat that is by using deep tissue laser here at the office. So deep tissue laser is a way to help with inflammation with tissue healing. And what that does is the red light energy from the laser is able to penetrate really deep into the tissue all the way down to the cell level in that joint. And inside, that’s where it starts to stimulate energy production in the certain aspects of the cell called the mitochondria to an energy production is then put towards healing in inflammation, that’s where we can really start to see the effects and the results happen, and really help that area to heal properly. So, just to give you an idea that I wanted to demonstrate a little bit of laser work on the SI joint, so you can see how it is and just see how really uneventful it is it’s a very easy procedure to do. So let’s give you a little taste here.

So I’ve got my protective eye wear on we’re gonna point the laser down at that SI joint here. And what we do is we just course over that area and let the light penetrate over time so treatments are usually pretty quick, usually for about three to five minutes or so it’s all it takes to get that energy in there. And then over the next several hours that light will continue to do the work that it needs to do towards the healing and recovery. So patients nice and relaxed, just laying comfortably on their stomach or going through that. So on the one side if you need to do both and do both, but overall, it’s a very quick, very quick process there so like I said, it’s a very easy process doesn’t take a lot of time. And it’s very, very effective for healing, inflammation, tissue damage and joint damage as well. When combined with other things like chiropractic and exercise, it can really play a vital role in in a 360 degree approach to addressing SI joint pain.

So if you have any questions about laser or you think this may be a good fit for you and your pain, please give us a call or contact us on our page or in the comments below. And we’ll see you on the next video.

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