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Strengthen, Mobilize and Release Tension

In Your Feet

by Raney Okeson

Often times we find ourselves saying “my feet hurt.” “What is causing this hurt?” is what we should question. There can be so many different things that are involved in foot pain that you should check with one of our Doctors to get to the bottom of it.

If you are wanting to try some mobility work at home here are 3 very different techniques:

arch massage

  1. Lacrosse/Tennis Ball Massage- For this one take a ball and place your foot on it to roll it around the arch of the foot. Push down slightly to put pressure on the tissues and to hopefully roll away the tightness and tension you feel. This is also great if you often are getting foot cramps!
  2. ABCs Mobility- For this one, sit down and hold out one foot (preferably the foot that is giving you trouble). Start at the letter A and draw each letter of the alphabet with your foot. This will be a test of the mobility in the ankle. Not only will this exercise increase your mobility but also help strengthen the muscles and tendons surrounding the ankle joint.
  3. Short Foot Exercisee- For this one, stand on one foot barefoot and find something to hang onto for balance if you need it. Next, press your toes and heel into the floor at the same time. This will cause your arch to pull upward strengthening the muscles of the arch. This one may take some practice because it is kind of difficult.


These are all pretty simple exercises that do not require any equipment! They can be done at home or even at work while sitting at your desk. Like I said before many times foot pain can be caused from so many different things. Get your feet checked because they are your support for the rest of your body!!

– Raney