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Power Couple of the Year: Massage and Chiropractic Care In Springfield, IL

If someone thought that massage was just for this:


I would definitely understand where they were coming from. The entrancing relaxation powers of massage are well known and widely documented. So imagine my patient’s surprise when we tell them that massage isn’t just for those “treat yo’self” days anymore.


every Springfield Wellness Patient at some point or another

As a chiropractor in Springfield, Illinois, I know how effective massage therapy can be for treating all types of pain and health conditions. Physical therapists and even physicians are joining the chorus, singing the praises of massage for all-natural pain relief. At the Springfield Wellness Center, we have two massage therapists on staff who beautifully complement the work of our chiropractors. That’s how strongly we believe this to be true.

Types of Massage

Massage takes many forms, some of which may be surprising to people who are used to lazy rubdowns or the violent chopping I understood as massage in middle school. There are many different massage techniques:

  • Deep Tissue – The sage of the massage kingdom. Using slow, forceful strokes to target the deep layers of muscle this oracle is great for managing pain, breaking down adhesions, and improving circulation.
  • Myofascial – This is the archer of the massage kingdom, who sits in the lookout tower protecting us all from rogue invaders. Focusing on the myofascial tissues that connect and support our muscles, this eagle-eye uses light pressure to relieve muscle tension.
  • Sports – The ogre who guards the kingdom’s dungeon. This type of massage is usually targeted towards athletes to help them recover, improve their flexibility, reduce fatigue, improve endurance, and help prevent injuries. In reality, it’s a perfect choice for anyone dealing with muscle tension or stress resulting from a daily repetitive movement.
  • Neuromuscular – This is the wizard who causes trouble, but is also the keeper of secrets. This trigger-point therapy addresses chronic pain and postural issues that cause nerve compression by using concentrated pressure on tight tender muscles.
  • Swedish – She reigns over all the realm. She is gentle and compassionate, a servant to her people. She simultaneously relaxes and energizes their muscles through long strokes, circular movements, kneading, and tapping.


Benefits of Massage

The list of issues massage is effective at dealing with looks something like this:


  • Anxiety
  • Digestive disorders
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Frozen shoulder – a result of poor workplace ergonomics
  • Headaches – migraines, cluster headaches, tension headaches, sinus headaches
  • Insomnia related to stress
  • Myofascial pain syndrome
  • Post-surgical scar tissue
  • Radiating pain
  • Repetitive stress injuries from sitting or standing for hours a day
  • Sports injuries
  • Soft tissue strains or injuries
  • Strains and sprains
  • TMJ disorder
  • Tendonitis
  • Whiplash

The benefits of massage go way beyond relieving lower back pain and neck pain. Our patients who use massage are always surprised when they see an improvement in their overall health in addition to the specific issue they were seeking care for. Massage’s ability to decrease anxiety and depression, improve the quality of sleep, and its anti-inflammatory properties pay dividends in improving their productivity and quality of life.

Massage therapy releases endorphins. Endorphins make people happy. Happy people don’t kill their husbands.


By now, this should be well known.

Benefits of Chiropractic

While massage focuses on the muscles and soft tissue, chiropractic care is focused on the body’s skeletal alignment. Being properly aligned allows the nervous system to function more efficiently, allowing the body to take full advantage of all the natural healing power it possesses. A proper alignment benefits the muscles by preventing them from becoming stretched or working overtime, improving range of motion, and reducing joint pressure.

Chiropractic care:

  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Eases neck and lower back pain
  • Prevents and treats scoliosis
  • Treats sciatica
  • Improves nervous system function
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves organ and body system function

All of this has a positive effect on our muscles and their ability to function properly.

When Massage and Chiropractic Combine Forces

The combined power of massage and chiropractic treatment looks something like when Earth, wind, fire, water, and heart combine to create Captain Planet. On their own they are powerful and good-natured, together they are unstoppable, probably because our muscles and skeletal system were designed to work together.


Massage focuses on soft tissue and chiropractic tackles musculoskeletal issues. When they team up, they extend each treatment’s advantages. Massage therapy prepares the body for a chiropractic adjustment. The adjustment is smoother and the results last longer if a patient is receiving massage in tandem.

Together, they result in faster recovery as they simultaneously work to address different components of the same issue.


Together, they have exponentially positive effects on circulation, distributing nutrient-dense blood throughout the body creating natural homeostasis. This balance allows healing and regeneration to happen at a much faster rate.


Together, they improve a patient’s general sense of well-being by activating the parasympathetic nervous system. This relaxes the body, encourages healing and optimal organ function, and improves the body’s ability to flush toxins.


Together, they reduce inflammation in the nerves as well as support and stabilize a healthy spine structure. This allows information to flow freely between the brain and the body through the vast nerve network. This is essential for a life that isn’t absolute torture to live.


Massage is an incredible relaxation therapy, its benefits to our overall physical health make it that much more of a diamond in the crown of a healthy lifestyle. It’s not just for a spa day or couples retreat. Chiropractic care and massage are powerful tools that every person should use to maintain the best possible health and live the best possible life.

Call us or schedule a time to meet with one of our incredible doctors to learn more about how a pain-free, joy-filled life isn’t just a fairytale, it’s a reality for every Springfield Wellness Center patient. And it can also be yours!

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