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Pinched Nerve: Seek Chiropractic Care Before Reaching For Painkillers


Decompression Traction Table Therapy

A pinched nerve can come on from many types and forms. Direct injury to a joint or chronic repetitive stresses or a minor misalignment of the vertebrae of the spine can cause this issue. It can present in many forms. It can come on and simple pain in an area or discomfort, a radiation of pain to an area or numbness and tingling in a certain area. Depending on the degree of pressure you may have 1, 2 or all 3 of these present. If this continues long enough it can even cause muscle weakness or even atrophy.

If you start having any of these symptoms or have been diagnosed by your MD as having a pinched nerve, first and foremost, get in to see your chiropractor. You will probably already have been prescribed pain pills and muscle relaxers by your doctor and all these will stand to do is mask the symptoms, possibly make you feel slightly better, but will cause you to do more harm than good by giving you a false sense of security to where you can do things that you probably shouldn’t do due to your joint issue.

A full spinal assessment will determine the joint(s) that are involved and then we can decide on our best course of action. A spinal adjustment will properly realign the injured vertebrae to restore proper motion to the joint as well as allow the healing process to begin. Once the joints are in their proper place, inflammation will begin to subside and as a direct result of function and moving better, you will then feel better too. In some cases we may use spinal decompression therapy to help pull additional pressure off of the nerves to attain additional relief.