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Naturally Heal an Achilles Injury

If you have ever experienced a nagging pain on the back of your lower leg or near the heel, you could be dealing with an injury to the Achilles tendon. This is a thick band of tissue which connects the calf muscles to the back of the heel. By crossing the ankle joint, this tendon allows the calf muscles to pull the heel upward, which in turn points the toes downward. This motion is performed every time you take a step as you push off the ground with each foot, so it is easy to see how important this tendon is to everyday life.Achilles Injury

Achilles injuries can happen due to quite a few reasons. Most injuries of this nature are accumulative in that repetitive motions or stresses cause tiny amounts of damage which, over time, lead to more significant injury. One example of this is if there is a dysfunctional gait such as over-pronation which alters the biomechanics of the Achilles tendon and the way weight is distributed through the tissue. Over time, this can cause more damage to one part of the Achilles, which can then lead to further damage and injury. In extreme scenarios when the Achilles injury is a complete tear of the tendon, the likelihood is that there was repetitive micro-trauma over time that weakened the tendon until one sharp movement led to the ultimate result of torn Achilles. Cases like this typically require surgery and a long recovery period, but in truth, most Achilles injuries are very treatable with conservative methods.

Corrective exercise is one of the best ways to help heal an Achilles injury. While rest can be beneficial in the very early stages of healing, motion and active therapy are what will ultimately provide the best and quickest results. Here at the Springfield Wellness Center, we have an Alter-G Anti-Gravity Treadmill that allows us to do just that. This treadmill has a chamber around it which fills up with air from the waist-down, which slightly hoists the person using it to the point where up to 80% of the person’s body weight can be taken off the joints. This provides an excellent environment for healing in which the person’s range of motion and strength can be built up or maintained, which their joints are taking on too much stress in the process. If you think you have an Achilles injury, or you are interested in learning more about our Anti-Gravity treadmill, call us at 217-726-0422 for more information.

-Dr. Pat