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How Chiropractic Works to Heal Whiplash In Springfield, IL

Hey everybody, this is Dr. Pat from the Springfield Wellness Center. And today we’re going to talk about how chiropractic works to heal whiplash and how using the activator can help you with your whiplash symptoms.

So Whiplash is a condition that occurs in the neck, the upper back, the shoulders, where there is a lot of really rapid, almost violent head movement as a result of a trauma. And what happens is it causes a lot of soft tissue damage, and a lot of misalignment in the neck. This causes all types of really harrowing symptoms for people and has a really drastic effect on their quality of life. Things like neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, upper back pain, that can last for months, sometimes for years after we are seeing people who are dealing with these symptoms. So it’s really important that if you get whiplash, either from a car accident or a fall or a workplace injury, it’s really important to get care as promptly as possible. That’s the best way to ensure that you can heal the appropriate way. And it allows these things to not get chronic, usually takes about three months for a problem to turn from acute into a chronic problem. And everybody knows chronic issues are more stubborn, they’re harder to treat. And they’re harder to get the best results as a result of care.

Whiplash Treatment Using The Activator

For this video, I’m using an activator, which is an adjusting instrument that we sometimes use. And I wanted to demonstrate using the activator to perform a chiropractic adjustment here on Dana today. The activator is something that we use in certain situations for chiropractic treatment. Whiplash is one of those because when you have a lot of soft tissue damage, the last thing you want is for your head to be turned in a typical way that chiropractors would adjust. And so this is a really easy and gentle way to get things moving in the right direction without causing any further harm or any further discomfort for the patient. So the activator is really simple, you know, we’re going to palpate the neck and find the area that we want to adjust. So right on this side right here, we’ve lined the activator up on there, and then it’s just a quick impulse movement. It’s just a clicking sound that we hear. Just like that, we recheck afterward just to see things are where we want them to be.

Low Impact And Easy To Use

As you can see, using the activator is very uneventful, it’s very easy for patients because they don’t have to turn their head and engage those muscles and those tissues in the neck and upper back. So it’s a super simple way to get things started at the beginning of care and get things headed in the right direction. This is something I do a lot of times if I am working with an auto accident case, something to start off with that gets things moving, but it’s also more comfortable for the patient while those tissues are going through the healing process that they need.

So I hope you found this video useful and found it informative. It doesn’t always have to be the hands on adjusting. We have other ways to accomplish what we need to, it just needs to be in the right situation there. So I hope you found this information useful, and we’ll see you in the next video where we further illustrate how chiropractic works to heal whiplash.