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How Can Strengthening Your Upper Back Get Rid Of Neck Pain?

Raney1Neck pain can be such a headache! HA!

Understandably, there are many ways to help treat and prevent it. In my area of expertise many people wonder, how can exercise help alleviate the pain and potentially help eliminate it? Having weak muscles in the upper back, shoulders and neck can cause fatigue, tension and pain in those areas while sitting or standing all day without the proper posture. Strengthening those muscles will help provide support for your spine and not allow as much irritation. Many of the exercises that we do in the office can also be done at home.

Exercises in Conjunction with Chiropractic

We always start out by stretching, foam rolling and/or using a lacrosse ball for myofascial release. These will help release some of the tension in the muscles that can be causing the pain. We also do a combination of exercises using bodyweight, thera-bands, and light weighted dumbbells to help strengthen the muscles of the shoulders and upper back. I normally recommend seeing patients 2 to 3 times a week to start on an exercise regimen. I also suggest for them to do some of it at home a couple more times a week if at all possible. Lastly, I insist on stretching at least once a day to prevent tension that can cause pain. As frustrating as neck pain and headaches can be, people need to know that there is help in many ways and that it shouldn’t be ignored. Our office helps in different areas to get you back on the right track and we all take our time to care for those frustrations.

Good health is your choice – choose wisely.

Raney Okeson, PFT