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Hands Down, The Best Answer to Shoulder Pain in Springfield, IL

Shoulder pain sneaks up on us when we least expect it.

via GIPHY It can range from a nagging ache, like going on a European vacation with a tired toddler, to debilitating discomfort, like going on a European vacation with a soon-to-be ex. Let’s just say it has the potential to impact our daily lives in ways we never imagined. We will explore the causes of shoulder pain, how it affects our lives, and, most importantly, how chiropractic care can be a game-changer in the quest for natural shoulder pain relief. So, roll up those sleeves (if it’s not too painful), grab a heating pad, and let’s dive in.

via GIPHY As a chiropractor for shoulder pain in Springfield, IL, I know our shoulders are incredibly complex joints. They’re involved in just about every upper body movement we make. From desperately reaching for a coffee mug in the morning to waving hello to our nosey neighbor, our shoulders are hard at work. The shoulder joint constantly balances its need to be stable and mobile, making it vulnerable to wear and tear and other injuries. And when things go awry, it can be very disruptive.


Common Causes of Shoulder Pain

Poor Posture

Ah, yes, the modern plague of poor posture. Many of us spend hours hunched over our computers or slumped on the couch binge-watching our favorite shows so we don’t fall prey to spoilers. Over time, this can wreak havoc on our shoulders. Poor posture can cause muscle imbalances, tension, and even misalignments in the spine – all of which can contribute to shoulder pain. The body operates as a single unit, requiring a holistic healthcare approach. When posture compromises the spine, it changes our biomechanical structure, requiring other parts of the body to compensate for the changes. Kind of like that employee at work who doesn’t do their job, so everyone else has to pick up the slack. When someone has poor posture, it’s like their spine is out for a three-hour wine lunch, and the shoulders have to finish the presentation by the afternoon deadline. This is exhausting for the shoulders and not the job they were hired to do.


Sports Injuries

Any active soul who loves hitting the gym, playing sports, or simply staying active is at risk of sports-related shoulder injuries. Sports can be tough on those shoulder joints, from overuse injuries like rotator cuff strains to sudden impacts that can dislocate a shoulder.

Everyday Wear and Tear

The little things always add up. Repetitive movements can lead to shoulder pain, like lifting heavy objects or even just carrying a purse or backpack slung over one shoulder. The wear and tear on the joints and muscles can accumulate over time. Some of the backpacks these little kids wear today are bigger than them. I have no idea what they’re carrying in there since they don’t even know how to read. With adults, our days are so go go go that many of us try to jam our whole lives in a Jansport. That uneven weight distribution is bad for shoulder or spinal alignment.

via GIPHY Many professions require repetitive physical movements, putting those employees at risk of a shoulder injury, especially if they’ve neglected the strength and flexibility of their shoulders.

Underlying Medical Conditions

Certain medical conditions, like arthritis, bursitis, or even heart disease, can manifest as shoulder pain. It’s essential to rule out any underlying health issues contributing to discomfort. When it comes to arthritis, prevention is critical. Ensuring healthy joint function and mobility will extend the lives of our shoulders and ward off the inflammation that is the catalyst of arthritis.

Stress and Tension

We can hold stress anywhere in our bodies – even though there isn’t much to be stressed about these days.

via GIPHY When stressed, our body tenses up, and our muscles become tight and painful. Stress also activates our sympathetic nervous system, which is anything but sympathetic.

via GIPHY The sympathetic nervous system puts our body into fight or flight mode, diverting energy from our life-sustaining functions – like digestion, immunity, and healing – to life-saving functions – outrunning the bear chasing us. This state triggers cortisol production, resulting in inflammation that can exacerbate existing shoulder pain. This list would make it seem like pain and discomfort are inescapable, so let’s get to the good news.

via GIPHY Chiropractors are like the Columbo, the Jessica Fletcher, the Sherlock Holmes of the healthcare world. We don’t just treat the symptoms; we dig deep to uncover the root causes of shoulder pain. It’s all about getting to the bottom of the mystery, so we’re not just addressing the symptoms for temporary pain relief. We want long-term relief.

Chiropractic Care for Shoulder Pain Relief

Chiropractic Adjustment

Our spine is the central highway of our body, and when it’s out of alignment, it can affect everything – including our shoulders. Chiropractors are experts in spinal manipulation, and by gently adjusting the spine, we can relieve pressure on nerves and muscles that may be contributing to shoulder pain. Whether shoulder pain results from nerve impingement, muscle tension, or joint dysfunction, chiropractors will take a tailored approach to providing each patient with the adjustments they need to optimize their body’s function. Adjustments also release endorphins, our very own natural painkiller.


Muscle and Joint Care

Chiropractors aren’t just adjusting joints; we know that any chiropractic treatment for shoulder pain worth its salt must also focus on the surrounding muscles and soft tissues. We can help relax tense muscles, improve flexibility, and promote healing in the affected area through techniques like massage, stretching, and rehabilitative exercises. We want to strengthen the muscles that stabilize the shoulder and encourage flexibility in the tissue to improve range of motion.

Posture Correction

Remember how poor posture can significantly contribute to shoulder pain, well, chiropractors can help with that too! We work to improve posture and provide tools and exercises to maintain those changes in daily life. Poor posture has many physical and emotional effects beyond being a cause of shoulder pain. Improving posture restores the body’s ability to function at its best to ward off injury and illness.

Holistic Approach

When creating a treatment plan, chiropractic care considers the entire body, lifestyle, and habits. This means addressing not only the symptoms but also the underlying causes of shoulder pain. The body works as one unit, and we want to restore normal balance to that incredible machine. We also know that every individual is one-of-a-kind…

via GIPHY …and so is their shoulder pain. Chiropractors provide personalized care plans tailored to each patient’s specific needs and goals. We’re here to listen, understand, and work with them to achieve the best possible outcome.

Drug-Free and Non-Invasive

Unlike some traditional medical treatments that may rely on medications or surgery, chiropractic care is drug-free and non-invasive. We believe in harnessing the body’s natural ability to heal itself, and we’re here to support that process by optimizing the nervous system and reducing inflammation.

via GIPHY Chiropractic is not just about “popping” joints; it’s about restoring balance and harmony to the body. It is a gentle, specific process that can dramatically alter physical and emotional well-being. Shoulder pain may be a common issue, but it doesn’t have to be a constant companion. Give us a call or schedule a time to meet with one of our amazing doctors. We’re all about finding solutions that work for each unique situation.

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