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Golf: Speed and Consistency Are Very Important

IMG_9999Take Care of Your Body First

Each year many golfers look to start the season with new equipment that promises longer, straighter, more consistent shots. With new drivers being approximately $400 and new iron sets anywhere from $500 to well over $1000, shouldn’t we spend some of that money on ourselves instead? The piece of equipment that everyone takes for granted is their own body. If we don’t work on that first, the newest driver will not help us at all.

Importance of Proper Swing Sequence

For the average high handicapper, most of us spend forty plus hours a week sitting in our office. Straight from there we go home and sit on the couch to relax after a hard day. Then on the weekends we pick up our clubs and head out to play. With that routine we are setting ourselves up for a long, frustrating day on the course. When our bodies cannot get into the positions we need them to for a proper swing sequence, you simply cannot consistently hit the shots you want to.

Size does not necessarily equate to distance with your shots. Let’s take Jason Day for example. He is 6″0″ and 165 lbs. In the PGA Championship this year he hit a drive on the par 5 11th hole 382 yards, leaving his playing partner, the now number one golfer in the world Jordan Speith to only say “Holy s***, you’ve got to be kidding me.”

The important thing when it comes to power is your swing sequence.

There are numerous different swings on the PGA tour, but what all those swings have in common is their sequence. In order to have a proper sequence your body must be functionally strong or you cannot maintain your balance through the swing and properly transfer all the speed in to the ball. Inefficient swings lead to decreases in power and consistency.

In the office I have specific assessments that my patients complete in order for us to tackle the root problem of their swing mechanics. Sometimes it’s a mobility issue or strength or it could be both. If you are interested in improving your driving distance on the course ask me about these assessments next time you are in the office.

– Dr. Rob