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Focus on Your Winter Food Necessities - Eat these foods this winter!

When winter hits, comfort foods do too. It is important to know which foods will be best for you in the winter. You may be thinking of all the warm foods that make you feel good and even of the healthy food you have been eating during the warmer months too. But that might not always be what your body needs – even though it tastes good! Foods you need in the winter vary from the summer. In the winter your Vitamin D, Vitamin C and serotonin levels are lower because you can’t be in the sun as much and your immune system is working harder to fight off those winter colds. So, although the winter is tough because of all the holiday goodness, make sure you are nourishing your body. Here are a few foods to focus on when shopping in the winter.sushi1

  1. Fatty Fish & more!
    With sun exposure being lower in the winter, it is very important to increase your Vitamin D intake by eating right. Vitamin D and serotonin levels are highly affected in the winter, causing a decrease in mood. Not getting enough can cause weaker bones, the winter blues or even depression. Try eating fatty fish such as salmon and tuna. Also, healthy carbs help boost serotonin levels! Having sweet potatoes, pumpkins, or yams are not only good for you but can be a comforting warm food to eat in the winter!
  1. Vitamin C rich foods – Keep your immune system UP!
    Vitamin C helps boost your immune system, which works overtime in the winter. Colds and the flu are a higher risk in the colder months, meaning keeping the right foods in your body is especially important. Eating high vitamin C rich foods helps protect you, along with washing your hands. Try eating broccoli (frozen is good too), spinach, cauliflower, pumpkin and root vegetables (in season!) more frequently than you normally would.
  1. Oatmealoatmeal1
    It isn’t just a healthy breakfast option anymore, it’s a valuable breakfast food in the winter. Oatmeal is a zinc rich foodwhich leads to a healthier immune system! So, keep those coughs away this winter. Oatmeal doesn’t have to be boring either, try adding a little bit of honey, nuts and fresh fruit to mix it up and create a tasty meal!


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