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Exercise to Improve Your Golf Game

If you have plans to hit the links this spring and summer, make sure you prepare your body using these exercises.


At this time of year when the weather begins to warm, golf courses inevitably begin to fill their daily tee-time slots with players of all skill levels, from very talented and Exercise to Improve Your Golf Game experienced players to newcomers and perennial strugglers. Golf is a great way to spend a few hours outdoors and is very fun (if you allow yourself to enjoy it!) Despite what you may believe based on watching golf on TV, it is a very physically demanding sport that leaves many people susceptible to injury, specifically musculoskeletal injury.

Swinging a golf club requires coordination and timing of several muscles groups working in unison to produce the power and speed with which a golf club is swung. In order to maximize your ability to swing a golf club with minimal risk of injury, incorporate these exercises into your workout routine:

Medicine Ball Exercise

If you have access to a medicine ball for this exercise, perfect. If you don’t, a weight machine with adjustable height can be used as well. The point of this exercise is to improve rotation acceleration by strengthening the core and hip muscles that provide this rotation. This is where the majority of golf swing power comes from, so simulating the rotation of a golf swing with a weight will make it easier when holding a club. Check out this video as an example of this exercise being performed.

Rotator Cuff Mobility

In order to have a more fluid swing, shoulder mobility is very important. It allows the core muscles to have their full range of motion with regards to rotation, allowing a good balanced technique to be achieved with each and every golf swing. One great way to improve shoulder mobility by working the rotator cuff muscles can be seen here.

Hip Mobility Stretches

The hips work very closely with the core to allow for maximum torso and hip rotation to provide the power and speed of a golf swing. In order to accomplish this, the muscles need to be loose and able to provide the most range of motion without compromising any strength or speed of muscle contraction. A few great ways to stretch these hip muscles can be seen in this video.


Whether you are rehabilitating an injury or trying to stay on top of your fitness, these exercises provide a great platform for you to improve your golf swing and protect yourself simultaneously. Another great option for increasing overall range of motion and flexibility is chiropractic care. If you are interested, contact The Springfield Wellness Center at 217-726-0422 to schedule your consultation.

-Dr. Pat

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