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Does Strength Training Bio-Hack the Aging Process?

Are you worried about the effects of aging?  graphicstock-beautiful-fit-senior-couple-in-sports-clothing-in-gym-working-out-lifting-legs_HOG2rGYIfZ

As one ages, metabolism slows, muscle mass weakens and bone density decreases.

Strength training can’t make you younger (sorry to be the bearer of bad news) BUT! It can slow down the process of aging and increase your overall health.

Don’t let the myth of “lifting weights makes you bulky” scare you. Strength training doesn’t have to make you bulky, but it does have five major health benefits, especially for aging bodies.



We’ll talk about:
Fitness That Works
• How to Improve Health as We Age
• Nutrition
• How to Take Responsibility and Control Over Your Own Health

WHEN: January 16, 2019
WHERE: Springfield Wellness Center Facility
1000 S Durkin Dr Springfield, IL 62704

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1. Bone Density and Muscle Mass Improvementgraphicstock-dumbbells-in-the-gym_rOrb1nwlil-(1)
The saying goes, “use it, or lose it”. Well your bones and muscles do just that. Over time their strength deteriorates if not used. Strength training boosts muscle mass as well as increases bone density due to the strength that is built up. Older adults, specifically women and men with low testosterone levels are more likely to develop weak bones. According to Harvard’s Medical School, “A combination of age-related changes, inactivity, and inadequate nutrition conspire to gradually steal bone mass, at the rate of 1% per year after age 40. As bones grow more fragile and susceptible to fracture, they are more likely to break after even a minor fall or a far less obvious stress, such as bending over to tie a shoelace.” Be proactive and improve your bone density and muscle mass.

2. Increased Strength Means Better Balance
Falls can be more serious for aging bodies because fractures and breaks are more likely. The good news is strength training improves balance, making falls less likely. When muscles are strengthened, stability improves.

3. Chronic Disease Management
Strength training improves overall health. Research by the American Institute of Cancer Research shows that strength training improves blood sugar levels, lowering the risk of diabetes, by using the bodies insulin properly. Plus, high insulin levels risk cancer cell growth or heart disease.

4. Increased Metabolism and Energy Levels
With the positive effect of improving muscle mass with strength training, energy levels rise due better muscle mass. This is because in a way, it wakes your cells up. So instead of tiring you out, like most believe, exercising really has a positive effect on your energy. And with more energy and strength training sessions, your metabolism increases, improving your overall health and help lose unhealthy fat to better your overall aging body.

5. Improve Flexibility
Myth: When muscles become bigger, they lose flexibility. When strength training, full range of motion is needed. When used, it increases flexibility. Flexibility is very important because it improves posture and decreases injury risk.


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