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Crazy Fast Back Pain Relief for Middle Back Pain in Springfield, IL

Hey everybody, this is Dr. Pat from Springfield Wellness Center. And today we’re gonna be talking about one of the technologies we use at the Springfield Wellness Center to help treat inflammation and a lot of different conditions. And one of those is middle back pain.

So middle back pain usually involves things like subluxation muscle strains, lots of different causes for that. And many of those have an inflammatory component to them. You know, inflammation is something that really can affect joints, it can affect soft tissue. And it can really irritate the nerves as well and be a key part of why we experienced the pain that we do. And so one of the things we do for that is called Deep Tissue laser therapy. Deep tissue laser uses near infrared light energy that’s able to penetrate really deep into the tissue, all the way down to the cellular level. And what it does at the cell level is it starts to interact with the mitochondria of the cell, which is the powerhouse of the cell and is responsible for energy production. And by stimulating that the energy is able to be put towards the healing process. So combating inflammation, helping with tissue repair, regrowth, and just getting things moving faster. So one of the things we found in the office is that people just get better faster when they’re using this type of service, because it’s helping to accelerate that whole process.

The Technology We Use To Get Fast Back Pain Relief With Middle Back Pain

So what we’re going to do is demonstrate a little bit of laser here today on the middle back. So as you can see with Dana here, you know, with women, we have them put on a gown for this type of treatment for the middle back for men they can take their shirt off. It’s all about just making it easy for people so they feel comfortable and safe while here. So we’re going to demonstrate a little bit of laser therapy here, and just give you an idea of what that looks like. So I’m gonna get my safety goggles on here. One and so we can see this red light here. And what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go along the muscles here will spend time on all the middle back area, but will will highlight in on some key areas that are problematic for people we just go through the tissue, it’s very comfortable, you know, there may be a little bit of warmth coming from the wind, but otherwise, all she feels is the massage ball rolling here. It’s very comfortable, it’s very easy. Usually takes about three to five minutes or so to treat so it’s nice and quick so there you have it, there’s an example of deep tissue laser being done to the middle back area. As you can see, it’s very easy, it’s very comfortable. We use this in conjunction a lot with the other things that we’re doing so chiropractic adjustments or corrective exercise massage therapy, we’d like to combine those services to make sure that you’re getting the best results for your care.

So if you’re having middle back pain and you’ve tried other things and haven’t tried something like this before, this may be a good opportunity for you to look into it and see if this can be beneficial for you in the future. So hope you enjoyed this video. If you did and you know people who are experiencing this you know, please share it with them. And we’ll see you on the next video.