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Chiropractic - The Foundation of the Springfield Wellness Center


If you have been in the office recently you may have noticed we have a lot going on! In early June, the facility opened its doors to welcome the Rapid Recovery Center and with that expansion added a dedicated cardio area, larger free weight space and new equipment. This center marks the fifth installment of a vision to be the best wellness facility in the Springfield Area.

The Chiropractors is what this business was founded on and will continue to be the foundation of care for our facility. In order to best communicate what we can offer as a whole to our patients we have decided to collaborate all services under one center name โ€“ The Springfield Wellness Center.


This will have no effect whatsoever on the care you are receiving or any paperwork processing. This is a courtesy email to keep important patients like you aware of the meaning of this branding. We have a new website launching very soon and you will see this logo on there along with our social media pages!

Please let us know if you have questions and feel free to ask about services you would like to know more about. Our goal is to get everyone on the path to better health and we have the tools to make that happen in Springfield.

Yours In Health,

Dr. Nick Silveri
Owner โ€“ Springfield Wellness Center


Brook Hess
Marketing Director โ€“ Springfield Wellness Center

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  1. Denise Merold says
    Aug 20, 2016 at 2:13 PM

    My daughter has been telling me to go here for months to get help for my lower back issues. When I hurt my shoulder she again said go see Dr. Rob. I finally did and I couldn't be happier. I'very only had 3 appointments so far but Dr. Rob, Nancy, and Jodi are already making me feel so much better. I highly recommend them all!

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