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Can I Be Adjusted While Pregnant?

Mike- by Dr. Mike


Can I be adjusted while pregnant? OR I just found out I’m pregnant, is being adjusted by a chiropractor safe for me?

My Answer: Absolutely!

About half of all expectant mothers will develop lower back pain some time during their pregnancy. With the average weight gain of 25 to 35lbs, you may find your center of gravity shifting which can cause additional stress on your lower back. Many women have found relief to their lower back pain and have had easier deliveries by receiving chiropractic care throughout their pregnancy. Scientific studies have found that spinal manipulation carries no increased risk to the mother or baby. Chiropractic care is also helpful after delivery as your body starts to tighten up those loose ligaments that developed during your pregnancy. It is important to make sure your joints are aligned before your muscles return back to their pre-pregnancy state.

With the demands placed on your body during the course of pregnancy, you may notice lower back, hip and knee pains. Post-pregnancy, these issues may still persist as well as neck and upper back pain from nursing, pumping or simply all the bending over that is involved in taking care a newborn. Childbirth is one of the greatest traumas your little ones will ever go through. Hours of labor and pushing can put excess strain on your newborns delicate spine and skull. Having them checked out by a chiropractor can greatly reduce infant distress due to colic, ear infections, reflux or difficulty in nursing or feeding.

– Dr. Mike