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9 Tips to Make Your Home Trip Safe - By Dr. Rob

FallPrevention_2E7C9C5F5657AIn addition to strengthening our balance muscles there are a number of things we can do to prevent falls. Most of these types of injuries happen in the home but always be on the lookout for potential threats outside of the home. These are very simple things that we can do to make our homes safer:

  1. Make sure you have a clear walkway and do not have objects that you could potentially trip over in your way.
  2. If you have rugs tape them down so they don’t get bunched up
  3. Get rid of throw rugs, they will slide along the floor
  4. Be careful on steps and curbs and always pay attention to their height to avoid missteps
  5. Always use handrails on steps
  6. Use non slip bath mats in bath tubs and showers
  7. Wear slippers with rubber soles while in the house. Avoid walking around in just socks
  8. Make sure walkways are well lit to see if there are any potential risks
  9. Use extra care in wet and icy conditions


Yours In Health,

Dr. Rob