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6 Reasons Why CrossFit is a Well-Rounded Strength & Conditioning Program - by Dr. Mike

crossfitWe spoke in the last WellnessLab video about the how and why of CrossFit. In my opinion everyone should do CrossFit. The workouts are scalable for all individuals, body types, age, gender or physical ability. This is what separates CrossFit from all the other workout programs that are not as broad based in their definition of fitness.

1- All the workouts are scalable

2- It hits all aspects of fitness:

o Agility

o Accuracy

o Cardiovascular/Respiratory Endurance

o Stamina

o Strength

o Flexibility

o Power

o Speed

o Coordination

o Balance

3- Involves functional movements that can be applied to daily life

4- Great sense of community

5- Ability to be competitive

6- Classes are taught by certified fitness instructors