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5 All-Natural Therapies to Remedy Shoulder Pain

Shoulder-pain1Shoulder complaints can present in a variety of ways. They can be of an acute or chronic nature. Acute injuries are those that have happened recently or of recent onset. They can be from a volleyball game last week, a car accident a month ago or a slip on ice that happened yesterday. Chronic injuries are of a much longer timeframe and can present years and decades in the future. Chronic repetitive stresses from old sports injuries or vehicle collisions can increase the likelihood of arthritic like conditions that may cause pains and mobility issues.

As we age the most important thing to do is keep moving. The old adage “If you don’t use it, you lose it” holds very true when it comes to keeping our joint range of motion and mobility. If we never reach over our heads, eventually your body will not allow you to do that.

There are many methods of dealing with shoulder injuries.

1. Chiropractic adjustment to correct spinal subluxation leading to a neurologic disconnect between the cervical spine and shoulder complex

2. Adjustment to the extremity to restore proper range of motion and ensure good mobility

3. Massage to break up muscle adhesions that may be a limiting factor in terms of mobility

4. Deep tissue laser to induce healing at a cellular level, reducing inflammation and breaking up scar tissue

5. Weight bearing exercise to ensure your joints stay good and strong as you age

Stay Well – Dr. Mike