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5 All-Natural Therapies For Shin Splint Relief

When it comes to shin splints there are several different ways to look at it and several tools we can use to treat. Sometimes it can be as simple as getting new shoes. The type of footwear you are using during activity is very important. If you are running frequently it is recommended that you get fitted for a good running shoe. There are different types of running shoes so you should speak with someone who has experience is shoe fitting. Depending on your level of activity you may have to replace these more often.

Things that we have in the office thashutterstock_222466243t can help include:

Custom-Made Orthotics: Being fitted for a custom orthotic can reduce the amount of shock that is transmitted up the legs. These can also be beneficial for people who stand a majority of their day.

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy: This is excellent for reducing inflammation and speeding up the healing of soft tissues. It is generally combined with additional therapies.

Compression Recovery Boots: These will be helpful after a period of extended exercise to get a deep compressive massage to the entire leg

Soft Tissue Mobilization: This is a big part of shin splints. Adhesions in muscles do not allow the muscle to have a normal length or tension. By breaking these adhesions muscles become stronger and will not put excessive stretch on their bony attachment sites.

Spinal and Extremity Adjusting: Adjusting the feet will be important to ensure proper mechanics. We will also be looking up the chain to the hips and pelvis.

If these areas cannot move correctly we will keep running in to the same problems over and over. It may get better for a little while but will eventually return.