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4 Tips to Keep Your Health On Track

4 Tips to Keep Your Health On TrackEverybody makes New Year’s resolutions.  There’s something about a new year that inspires people to make positive changes in their lives.  The chance for a fresh start leads people to decide to exercise more, eat better, and simply take better care of themselves. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always last, in fact, most of the time it doesn’t always last.  People eventually fall back into the same old habits and routines and decide to leave it until the next New Year’s resolution rolls around.

The month of March is National Nutrition Month.  For those who have made resolutions to eat a healthier diet, this is the perfect opportunity to either maintain or regain momentum.  Eating healthy and receiving the incredible benefits from doing so is entirely in YOUR control! It is simply a matter of taking action and being committed to improving yourself and your health.  Here are some tips that can help set you on course for improved health and wellness.

  1. Take it slow – You don’t have to turn your diet upside down overnight. Remember, eating healthy is a lifestyle, not merely a goal. It is an ongoing process with the most beneficial effects found in the long-term.  Make healthier choices one at a time, and gradually you will have changed your diet and formed healthy habits that you can keep for life.
  2. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables - It is suggested that when it comes to grocery shopping, stick to the perimeter of the store and avoid shopping in the aisles whenever possible. Fruits, vegetables, and other fresh items are usually located on the edge, while many of the processed, sugar-laced foods are stacked on shelves at perfect eye-level to draw your attention.
  3. Find good sources of protein - Lean meats, fresh fish, beans, nuts, and seeds are all great ways to enrich your diet with healthy fats and good quality protein.  These types of foods will keep you fuller for longer periods of time, helping you avoid snacking on foods such as chips and candy for a quick boost.
  4. Help others eat healthy, too! – Despite an abundance of resources, our nation is one of the sickest on the planet.  We all have to hold each other to a higher standard when it comes to our health. Encouraging others around you to eat healthier helps to hold you accountable to do the same. If everyone helped a few people in their lives, we would gradually see a healthier nation.

If you are interested in eating well, getting into exercise, and living a more fulfilling life, but feel as though you need guidance, contact us at the Springfield Wellness Center. Through our 8 Weeks to Wellness program, we can show you how to eat well, think well, and move well, so that you can take what you learn into the rest of your life. Call us at 217-726-0422 to set up a consultation, and spread awareness about National Nutrition Month!

We are happy to offer the Fresh 60 to our current patients! Watch Dr. Pat give the breakdown on Fresh 60 and how it can help you stay on track.

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