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3 Ways Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Can Heal Injuries Faster

Image9When many people are first introduced to the laser they are not sure what it does or how it can help them. The laser has several different mechanisms by which it works to facilitate healing. In this article we will attempt to explain these in a simple manner.

It Creates More Energy Within The Cell

The first thing it works on is the powerhouse of the cell. When it is stimulated it tells the cell to begin to make more energy which will allow for healing to take place. All of our cells are surrounded by a cell wall. The laser makes this wall more permeable. This allows nutrients to get in and waste to get out quicker. When this occurs you can have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect.

It Gets Inflammation Under Control

The anti-inflammatory effect is the big thing we are hoping to accomplish with the laser. With uncontrolled inflammation we can be susceptible to excessive scar tissue. Scar tissue itself can be a pain generator but it also inhibits normal function of the muscles. It is not as flexible as normal muscle fibers so the muscle cannot lengthen and shorten correctly. When this occurs you will get excessive pull on joints which will lead to joint dysfunction and pain. If this occurs long enough we get wear and tear damage on the joints leading to degeneration and arthritis.

Treatment Time Is Considerably Less Than Alternatives

With acute injuries such as sprains or strains we like to work on them as soon as they happen. As you read above the longer the inflammation stays in the system, there will be an increase in symptoms and the possibility of long term damage. The most successful treatments we have with the laser are when patients come in as soon as it happens. They also require the least amount of treatment to restore normal function.

– Dr. Rob