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3 Exercises for IT Band Syndrome to Relieve Knee Pain

Lack of flexibility and strength are the two major causes of IT Band Syndrome. Try out these 3 exercises below to prevent and or remedy IT Band Syndrome!


1 – Foam Rolling Glute and Hip

IT Band 1Description

This exercise helps break down any myofascial adhesions along the side of your leg and hip. This helps increase the effectiveness of your other exercises.

Step-by-step instructions

Place your right side (hip) down on top of a foam roller. Place your left leg in front of your right leg for support and roll the foam roller up and down your right leg. Use your body weight to assist the stretch and focus longer on any tender areas.

2- Clam Shells

IT Band 2Description

This exercise helps build strength in the gluteus medius muscles. This exercise will improve your lateral stability in the golf swing.

Step-by-step instructions

Lie on your side with your knees bent and feet on top of each other. Keeping your feet in contact with each other, try to lift your top knee up as far as possible. Next keep the knees in contact with each other and try to lift the top foot as far as possible. Then repeat this same thing but with the knees held approximately ten inches apart. Finally repeat with the knees held approximately ten inches apart and the top hip extended. Go back and forth for about thirty seconds for each exercise. Repeat on the other side.

3 – Starfish


This exercise is designed to help develop both mobility throughout the hip joint as well as stability throughout the lumbo-pelvic joint.

Step-by-step instructions

IT Band 3Begin in the supine position with an FMT tube attached around each leg and hands grabbing the tubing in a wide manner. Next, allow the left hip to flex and externally rotate, while the leg moves toward the outside (abducts). Keep the right toes pointing directly towards the sky at all times Next, make the left leg slowly internally rotate, extend and move across the midline of the body (adduct). Keep the right toes pointing directly at the sky at all times. Keep arms outstretched and wide at all times and keep the lower back from excessively arching. Repeat on opposite side.

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