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3 Common Adjustment Techniques

A chiropractic adjustment is a powerful form of treatment that distinguishes chiropractic from other health care providers. The primary goal of the adjustment is to correct misalignment in the spine and restore normal joint motion so that the nervous system may function optimally. With this being said, there are many different techniques that can be applied to accomplish this goal. While chiropractors are trained in many of these techniques, there a certainly a few that are utilized more frequently than others. Three techniques that are commonly utilized here at the Springfield Wellness Center are Thompson, Diversified, and Activator.

Thompson technique involves the use of drop pieces on the table to help get more motion into the joints with the adjustment. When a certain part of the table drops, the spine moves with the table until it stops quickly. When an adjustment is combined with this motion force, it is easier to restore normal motion to the specific joint. This technique is mostly utilized to adjust the pelvis, but it can be used on the whole spine if preferred.

Diversified technique is probably the most utilized technique in chiropractic. It too can be used on the full spine and it typically is by most practicing chiropractors. The doctor will position his hands in the correct place and take the joint to “lock out”, which means the most the misaligned joint can move. Then, with a quick but gentle thrust, the doctor will take the joint past lockout, which provides more motion to the joint and removes any restrictions to movement.activator

Although we don’t use the Activator technique often, it is still worth mentioning because there are always questions from patients about “that one thing that makes that clicking sound”. The Activator is an adjustment instrument that applies a very quick, very specific thrust to the desired joint. Some people prefer the activator because other techniques make them uncomfortable. For this reason, it is great to have the Activator because we can still accomplish the adjustment and keep the patient happy at the same time.

Whatever your needs, here at the Springfield Wellness Center we have the tools and training to provide you with the proper care that will get you back to doing the things you both need and want to do! Call us today at 217-726-0422 to see how we can help.

-Dr. Pat