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Facebook Special : New Patient Massage

Massage Club Sign on wall

Ahhh… That’s better…


You are on your way to receiving an amazing 1-hour massage from the Massage Club.

Next Steps:

  1. Call the office to schedule your appointment at (217) 726-0422
  2. Make sure to mention that you have purchased a 1-hour massage through Facebook/Paypal.
  3. Bring in your receipt to prove purchase when you arrive for your massage (you may print it or show on a mobile device).

F.Y.I. – The Massage Club is a service of the Springfield Wellness Center.

To learn more about our therapists, therapies we offer, pricing, etc., head over to

The Fine Print: Your massage purchase may be refunded up to 14 days from purchase date. After the 14th day your purchase will no longer be refundable.

We look forward to meeting you!


Facebook Special : New Patient Massage | (217) 726-0422